Connect. Grow. Achieve.

Welcome to Council, a new collaborative space that brings professionals together to achieve their development goals, connect and grow with others.

We're now in a private beta with individuals from leading organizations.

Cultivate Community

Thriving communities are built on support, communication and collaboration, where every person has the opportunity to contribute and to grow. Council provides the virtual tools and space that enable coaches, companies and individuals to find or forge communities to solve problems, achieve goals and unlock potential.

Inspire Connections

Every work environment is an opportunity no longer limited to the size of an office space. Yet as remote and hybrid work models become more prevalent, connecting people and perspectives should be as important to a company’s success as its bottom line. Council becomes the new destination—away from the hustle and bustle of daily work life—where teams can bond, groups can develop, and everyone can grow in a space purpose-built for collaboration and engagement.

Sustain Development

Employees today don’t just want engaging experiences. They expect them. Council elevates those experiences and delivers a framework for employee development at every stage of their careers, all designed to create a culture of mutual growth.

Centralize Excellence

Instead of outsourcing multiple services and relying on disjointed processes, Council consolidates those tools to become the great connector; the connector of coaches, companies, teams, individuals and, ultimately, success. It’s a place designed for people to set big expectations, for coaches to deliver great experiences, for mentors and managers to give real-time feedback, and for aspirations to be tied to professional development goals for impactful results.